Reading Camp

To inculcate reading habit among the school children and to teach information literacy skills, Library launched a “Reading Camp” at WP/PIL/Bodhiraja Vidyalaya – a primary school located near University of Moratuwa. There are about 70 children studying in this primary school.

“Reading Camp” is conducted every Wednesdays at Bodhiraja Vidyalaya by members of the Library staff.

 Programme Schedule

* Year 2013
Year 2014
Year 2015-1st term

Language Learning with Colours – 3rd Session

LANGUAGE LEARNING WITH COLOURS - 3Language learning activities were carried out using multimedia in collaboration with Ms. Vasana Priyadarshani, subject teacher for Grade 1 and 2 on 7th November, 2013.

Further, Mr. Thushara Bandaranayaka conducted 3rd session on “Language Learning with Colours” using colour papers with respective class teachers. Mr. Roshan Fernando and Mr. Manjula Jayatilaka provided the technical assistance.

Beyond the Sky

BEYOND THE SKYThrough videos, poems and demonstrations, Grade 3, 4 and 5 students were given an opportunity to experience the facts about the sky. Mrs. Indu Malalgoda conducted the session “විශ්මිත අහස“ while Mrs. Chandani Kalupahana assisted. At the end of the programme a quiz was held in collaboration with Mrs. Garusinghe teacher-in-charge of Grade 3. Mr. Jayantha Kithsiri and  Mr. Thushara Bandaranayaka made the models to demonstrate. Mr. Roshan Fernando provided the technical assistance.

Language Learning with Colours - 2nd session

LANGUAGE LEARNING WITH COLOURS - 2Mr. Thushara Bandaranayaka conducted 2nd session on “Language Learning with Colour” for students of Grade 1 and 2 using colourful wool on 30th October, 2013. Mrs. Nayomi Sithari and respective class teachers supported to make language learning activities a success. Mr. Roshan Fernando provided the technical assistance.