Reading Camp

To inculcate reading habit among the school children and to teach information literacy skills, Library launched a “Reading Camp” at WP/PIL/Bodhiraja Vidyalaya – a primary school located near University of Moratuwa. There are about 70 children studying in this primary school.

“Reading Camp” is conducted every Wednesdays at Bodhiraja Vidyalaya by members of the Library staff.

 Programme Schedule

* Year 2013
Year 2014
Year 2015-1st term

Into Nature – 4th Session

Into the Nature 4th SessionStudents were given the opportunity of visiting UoM Library for reference on Monday, 24th February, 2014. Each and every student were asked to find information about endemic animals to prepare for  the presentation. Mrs. Chandani Kalupahana, Mrs. Ganga Godakanda, Mrs. Indrani Jayalath and Mr. Roshan Fernando guided the students. Mr. Melro Mendis, Mrs. Umanga Karunaratne, Mr. T.H. Punyasiri, Mr. Keerthi Gunasekera, Mr. Sasanka Suranjeewa, Mr. Upul Priyantha, Mr. Sameera Perera, Mr. Manjula Jayathilaka and Mr. Priyantha Bogahagedara  provided the technical assistance.

Into Nature – 3rd Session

READING CAMP 15On 18th February, 2014 "Into the Nature" session was dedicated to discuss the animal world and its relationship with plants and humans. Mrs. Indu Malalgoda conducted the session. Selected video-clips of "Soba-Ketha" television programme by Central Environmental Authority were also used to facilitate this topic. Mr. Roshan Fernando and Mr. Manjula Jayathilaka provided the technical assistance.

Into Nature - 2nd Session

INTO THE NATUREOn 11th February, 2014 "Into the Nature" session was dedicated for endemic birds and fish. Mrs. Ganga Godakanda conducted the session. Students were given an opportunity to view video-clip which depict the  behavior of selected animals. Students also watched a documentary video on ‘Sri Lankan Birds’ produced by Wildlife Conservation Department. Mr. Roshan Fernando, Mrs. Inoka Gunathilake and Mr. Manjula Jayathilaka provided the technical assistance.