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Top Users of the Month (July 2013)

MS. H.H.M.T.H.M.K.W. Manike                MS. H.H.M.T.H.M.K.W. Manike
                Institute of Technology

                Borrowings: 23

Mr. W. Edirisuriya                Mr. W. Edirisuriya 
                Technical Officer (Grade II)
                Department of Computer Science Engineering

                Borrowings: 21

Mr. K.G.S. Madhuwantha                Mr. K.G.S. Madhuwantha  
                NDT- Department of Electrical Engineering

                Borrowings: 18

Mr. U.W.T.S.N. Piyawardana&nbs                Mr. U.W.T.S.N. Piyawardana  
                Clerk (Grade III)                 
                Internal Audit

                Borrowings: 17

Mr.K.U.U.S. Rukmaldeniya                Mr.K.U.U.S. Rukmaldeniya    
                NDT- Department of Mechanical Engineering 

                Borrowings: 17